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  Welcome to Reduce, Craft, Recycle, Repeat. This is my side-blog away from Crochet is the Way. There's a little something for everyone here! The main goal of this blog is to teach a new frame of mind when it comes to recycling, but a few common everyday "go to the craft store and get supplies" projects will be featured, too.

  Maybe you can't turn trash into treasure, but perhaps a trash-bound item could become a treasure chest. Let the projects and ideas here inspire your imagination to see a sparkle in the dullest of items.

  Once in a while I get a little dangerous while I craft. Sometimes I like to play with knives, fire, and broken glass. (Oh, and power tools) Please, everyone be careful! If you do not feel comfortable or do not have the proper safety equipment, do not do the project. I try my best to provide safer options when I can, and will suggest when a project is not kid-friendly. Safety is especially important around children. Use paints and chemicals with proper ventilation, keep kids away from fire hazards and power tools, and supervise them at all times when crafting.

  Please don't get scared and run away...there's plenty of normal crafts to do! I like to cook, bake, recycle, upcycle, redesign, glue, cut, and paint. Although I hate to sew, I'm motivated to improve my skills. And I hope your time here motivates you to think outside of the recycling bin!

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